Department of the Attorney General

Department of the Attorney General
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Victims of crime services

As a victim of crime, making decisions can be difficult and confusing.

During this time, it is vital that a victim is treated with courtesy, compassion and respect.

Victim Support Service

The Victim Support Service provides free, confidential services for all victims of crime.

Restraining orders

If someone is violent towards you, threatens you or your property, harasses or intimidates you and you are concerned that it will continue and put you at risk, you can apply to have a restraining order taken out against them.

Family Violence Service

The Family Violence Service provides information and support to people who have experienced or are affected by family and domestic violence.

Compensation for victims of crime

Victims of crime may be eligible to apply for compensation to aid their healing process.

Victims of Crime website

The Victims of Crime website helps victims of crime, their families and others by providing answers to the most commonly asked questions and issues victims encounter.

Court support for victims

If you have been a victim of crime and have to give evidence in court, or if you want to observe the court case, support is available.

Victim impact statements

A victim impact statement tells the judge or magistrate about how a crime has affected you. It may be taken into account when the offender is sentenced.

Court preparation for child witnesses

The Child Witness Service provides court preparation, which includes education, stress reduction, empowerment and support and consultation regarding the child's practical, emotional and developmental needs.

Victim notification register

The Victim Notification Register is an information service established for victims of crime. The register allows victims to receive information about the perpetrator of the crime against them - for as long as that person is under the supervision of the Department of Corrective Services.