Department of the Attorney General

Department of the Attorney General
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Turning 18

Turning 18 means you have to accept legal responsibilities that perhaps you didn’t have to think about before. As an adult you are now accountable and liable for every decision you make, from entering legal contracts to writing your own will.

The law

Once you turn 18 you are legally an adult and can be tried in court as an adult and sentenced as an adult. You can get more information about the law from the Youth Legal Service.

Proof of age card

If you are planning to attend a licensed premises such as a club, bar or other venue selling alcohol you will need photo ID such as a proof of age card.

Making a will

Making a will ensures your wishes are carried out after your death. The Public Trustee offers advice and a free will-drawing service to anyone who appoints the Public Trustee as their executor.

Changing your name

Find out how to officially change your name.

Enrol to vote

If you are an Australian citizen you are required by law to enrol and vote in all State and Federal elections.

Life Events website

Life Events are significant stages in your life - birth, eighteenth birthday, marriage, change of name and address, retirement, and death. From here you can select which organisations you wish to notify of one of these major events.

Past adoption services

Were you adopted as a child? Would you like to have access to adoption information? You can get more information on past adoption services from the Department for Communities website.