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Going to court

WA courts are administered by the Department of the Attorney General through the Court and Tribunal Services division. The judiciary presides over the courts and delivers justice to the community through sentencing.

Preparing for court

Things you need to know about going to court, including what to take to court, how to address a judge, court proceedings, bail and sentencing.

Which court?

Different courts deal with different criminal and civil matters. Find out about the courts in Western Australia including the Supreme Court, Magistrates Court, Family Court, Drug Court, Aboriginal Community Court and others.

Appearing as a witness

In criminal trials, the evidence of witnesses is essential in helping to determine whether a person charged with an offence is guilty or not guilty. In civil trials involving disputes between individuals or corporations, the evidence of witnesses is important in establishing the facts of the matter.

Being a juror

You are required to attend court if you are summoned to be on a jury. Your employer must excuse you from work and you will be paid. Some people may be excused for medical reasons or in special circumstances.

Legal Aid

You may be eligible to access Legal Aid assistance to help with your legal problems. Legal Aid is a government-funded service which provides information, advice and legal representation.

Extraordinary driver's licence applications

An extraordinary driver's licence authorises the holder to drive in certain circumstances even though the holder's normal driver's licence has been suspended. You may be eligible to apply.