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Getting married

Getting married is an exciting time but it requires a lot of planning. Before the wedding, you will need to lodge a notice of intended marriage and decide on the type of ceremony you will have and where you will be married.

Getting married in WA

Who can get married in WA and what the legal requirements are.

Marriage certificates

The certificate you receive on your wedding day is only decorative. You can get an official copy of your marriage certificate from the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages.

Getting married overseas

If you are planning to get married overseas you need to be aware of the marriage laws in that country and how they apply to Australian citizens.

Making a will

Getting married automatically cancels all previous wills. You and your spouse should consider getting a will. The Public Trustee offers advice and a free will-drawing service to anyone who appoints the Public Trustee as their executor.

Perth Registry Office

You can have a civil ceremony at the Perth Registry Office.

Justices of the peace

If you are changing your name you may need a certified copy of your marriage certificate. A justice of the peace can approve certified copies.

Life events

Life events are significant stages in your life - birth, eighteenth birthday, marriage, change of name and address, retirement, and death. From here you can select which organisations you wish to notify of one of these major events.

Getting divorced

Information about divorce procedures are on the Federal Family Court of Australia's site.