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Called for jury duty

A jury is a group of 12 to 18 people randomly chosen, who are sworn to try the issue of facts and return a verdict in criminal trials Jurors are selected randomly from the electoral roll maintained by the Western Australian Electoral Commission (WAEC). In WA, each year approximately 80,000 names are selected from the electoral roll to be available for jury duty. Approximately 7,000 people will serve as a juror each year.

How Jury Duty Works

Jury duty is everyone's civic responsibility and requires the cooperation of business, the Government and the community to ensure this vital part of the justice system functions correctly within our democracy.


A travel allowance will be provided to all jurors who attend jury service. If you are employed your employer is required by law to continue to pay you your usual wages while you attend jury duty. Your employer may then apply to be reimbursed those wages. This does not apply to State Government Departments.

Facts for Employers

Employers can apply for reimbursement of lost income when a staff member is doing jury duty. This also applies to self employed workers who do jury duty. Employers must allow their staff to attend jury duty and continue to pay their wages or salary whether fulltime, part time or casual. There are serious penalties for acting prejudicial toward an employee when they are doing jury duty.

Deferring Jury Duty

If circumstances of hardship or serious inconvenience exist at the time you have been summoned for jury duty you may apply for a deferral. This flexibility will assist you in meeting your civic responsibilities. Some people may be ineligible or not qualified for jury duty.

Facts for Jurors

Anyone aged between 18 and 75 years and listed on the electoral roll within each jury district, is eligible to receive a jury summons. Once you reach the age of 75 years old you are no longer eligible for jury duty.

Offences and Penalties

It is an offence to fail to obey the instructions of a summons for jury duty and you could receive an $800 infringement. This means that you must attend at the place and time stated on the summons served on you. Further you must remain at this place as directed until discharged or notified otherwise. Ensure your address details are correct with the Western Australian Electoral Commission so you don't miss a summons.